About Us & Our Workshops

Hello, and thank you for visiting The Knowledge Tree!

Our vision at The Knowledge Tree is really quite simple. We want to inspire you to grow as a therapist and as a person so you may have a positive impact on your clients, your communities, and the greater whole. In other words, we want to make a difference, and we believe that offering cutting-edge quality continuing education workshops is the skillset we have to be a positive influence.

The Knowledge Tree is a woman-owned and operated small business founded by Dr. Becky Beaton-York, who is a Licensed Psychologist and educator. She started her career in this field in 1991, and she has been teaching and organizing workshops since 1997. Dr. Becky is active in the therapeutic community, and she is constantly listening to what therapists want to learn about and finding the best possible presenters to develop workshops accordingly. The Knowledge Tree has recruited some of the best speakers from around the globe, and they have been extensively vetted to ensure nothing short of excellence.

We do not take lightly the trust you place in us by attending our CE workshops and utilizing our resources, and we strive to provide education of only the highest quality. We sincerely hope you value the time you spend with us and leave each workshop or resource feeling inspired!

Becky Beaton-York, PhD, Founder & Director

As mentioned above, I started my therapy career in 1991, and I've been teaching and organizing workshops since 1997. I also founded The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute (ASMI) back in 2004, where I created and managed the ASMI workshop program. I have since sold ASMI, and I am now teaching my workshops through The Knowledge Tree. I'm also excited about the amazing line-up of speakers we have for you, which includes the excellent instructors I've sponsored in the past as well as other internationally renowned experts teaching the topics you have all been requesting.

In addition to providing continuing education via both live and online trainings, The Knowledge Tree is your place to visit to become inspired, grow, and get excited about cutting-edge treatments and ideas. I want to hear from you and what you find interesting, and I will do my best to create either a brief video or a continuing education workshop around that topic or develop new practice forms as needed. This is a gathering site for us to share knowledge and wisdom and for you to benefit from being part of our community.

A little more about who I am.....

  • I'm a Licensed Psychologist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Diplomat.
  • I studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara where I received a BA in Human Philosophy and a BA in Cultural Geography (double major).
  • I did my graduate work at Georgia State University (M.S., Ed.S. and, Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology).
  • I am currently Adjunct Faculty for Emory University's Department of Psychology, and I have been adjunct faculty for Georgia State University's Department of Counseling Psychology.
  • I founded, directed, and sold a large therapy practice, The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute (2004-2019).
  • I co-founded OCD Georgia, a non-profit affiliate of the International OCD Foundation.
  • I had an incredible opportunity to be the treating psychologist for Discovery Studios'/TLC's hit series "Hoarding: Buried Alive" for four years and 60 episodes.
  • The TV series opened the door for several other media appearances on Anderson Cooper, CNN, Good Morning America, and others.
  • I love being a mentor and providing inspiration to fellow therapists. I've supervised hundreds of therapists to licensure, and I've provided practice development and ethics consultations to many more. I generally run about eight Business of Practice Consultation Groups each month for solo practitioners as well as larger practice owners. If you'd like to be part of one of my groups or you'd like one-on-one consultation around practice growth or ethical concerns, please schedule a time with me directly on my calendar here: https://calendly.com/dr-becky-beaton-york. Please note that I am not accepting new clients at this time - only consultations with other therapists.
  • I served as the Ethics Chair for the Georgia Psychological Association for eight years. I recently finished my second four-year term as Chair, but I'm still active on that committee. I was also the Ethics chair for the Licensed Professional Counselor's Association of Georgia for two years.
  • I've developed numerous forms available for therapists in private or group practices based on years of managing a practice, ethics experience, and being hired by attorneys to provide expertise in malpractice lawsuits. Please check out those forms here: https://www.theknowledgetree.org/courses/category/Practice%20SmartForms.

Most importantly, I've had the privilege to personally witness or hear about the journeys of literally thousands of clients: my own clients, my associates', my supervisees', my students', my ethics consultees', etc. It's because of these clients, their challenges & resilience that I've become passionate about teaching cutting-edge treatments that work better, gentler, and faster and encouraging all therapists to be grounded in ethics and integrity. I'm also passionate about mentoring therapists to develop fulfilling practices and balanced lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read about what inspires me, and I sincerely hope The Knowledge Tree will be inspiring to you as well. My hope is that you will share what you learn from your experience with The Knowledge Tree with your clients and even your families and communities and that you find us to be a place of refuge and inspiration.

Jordan Barbeau is the Business Manager and Workshop Coordinator for The Knowledge Tree. Jordan has a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing and has extensive experience in online and social marketing. He also became a Hootsuite Social Marketing Certified Professional in 2019. Jordan has aided numerous small businesses and individuals. He has years of experience managing the details of the Continuing Education Workshops for The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute alongside Dr. Beaton in addition to helping to establish Sati Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia. Jordan has a diverse skill set outside of marketing, with experience in writing, accounting, web design, and more. Most importantly, he is basically The Knowledge Tree's go-to guy for just about everything!

Our Speakers

We have recruited some of the best speakers from around the globe. Dr. Beaton-York either attends a full workshop presented by our speakers or she personally interviews and hosts a "workshop audition" for each speaker who trains for The Knowledge Tree. Each speaker is evaluated in multiple areas: Level of expertise on the topic presented, teaching skill, relatability, humor, humility, visual aids and handouts, experiential exercises (if applicable), cutting-edge concepts and research, inclusive language & ability to address and appreciate diverse populations, current references, enthusiasm, and the ability to hold your interest for multiple hours!!