On-Demand: Anxiety Disorders Treatment: Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) Case Examples - 5 CEUs

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  • CEs: 5 Core Education Clock Hours for Psychologists (through APA) or 5 "Related" Continuing Education Hours for Counselors (through LPCA of GA), Social Workers (through GSCSW) & Marriage and Family Therapists (through GAMFT).
  • Format: On-Demand Webinar (“Asynchronous”) ~ At your leisure to be viewed at your own pace. You may pause, rewind, and fast forward at any point during the videos. You are in complete control of how you view this workshop. It also comes with a PowerPoint and valuable handouts & scripts. There is a quiz at the end to ensure viewing and required by all CE approval organizations.
  • Investment: $115

Educational Objectives:

  • Explain why teaching people to relax or distract are simply neutralizing techniques and not actual treatment for an anxiety disorder.
  • Demonstrate how to apply Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) models of treatment for Anxiety Disorders through real case examples.
  • Describe Interoceptive Exposure and Response Prevention for Panic Disorder
  • Compare & contrast ERP strategies for Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Specific Phobias.
  • Develop an introductory spiel that will actually entice clients to face their fears and make them excited to do so.

Workshop Description:

So, You’re Anxious About Treating Anxiety?

Treating Anxiety Disorders can be tricky. There are a lot of people that claim to do it and there are not a lot of people that do it well. Turns out, there are a lot of therapies out there that try to reduce anxiety, and those therapies see great results in session, but not much else after the session is over. What if there was a way to treat Anxiety Disorders that taught people how to handle anxiety – not try to make it go away? Think about it – we have a Fight, Flight, or Freeze system. We were born with the ability to feel anxious. Anxiety is not bad or wrong, but sometimes It can spin out of control. What if the best way to feel better was to learn how to not be so overwhelmed by feeling anxious?

Intrigued? Come to this presentation and learn how to combine the B of CBT (via Exposure and Response Prevention therapy) with the C of CBT. Move away from talking and get into actually doing things that help people learn to deal with their anxiety better than they ever have. From Interoceptive ERP for Panic Disorder to Mistake Practice for Social Anxiety Disorder to Milk Chugs on YouTube for Emetaphobia, this talk will have you spewing out all sorts of awesome tips for your patients by the time it is done. And, there will be a healthy dose of fun and humor to boot – no sleepy talks here!!!

Presented by: Patrick McGrath Ph.D.

Patrick B. McGrath, Ph.D., is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the states of Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri. Dr. McGrath specializes in the treatment for Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. To treat these disorders, he utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention.

Dr. McGrath has given over 800 presentations on the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and PTSD at schools, hospitals, private practices and universities, as well as local, national, and international conferences. He has trained therapists national and internationally for PESI and the TATRA training corporations.

Dr. McGrath has supervised over 50 students in his career through practicum, internship, and postdoctoral fellowships. He is the author or co-author of numerous peer reviewed journal articles, and has also authored a book on OCD (The OCD Answer Book) and a stress management manual (Don’t Try Harder, Try Different).

Dr. McGrath currently serves as the Head of Clinical Services for NOCD, leading their teletherapy services across the United States to help people with OCD. He is also a Lead Psychologist at AMITA Health, where he opened Intensive Outpatient, Partial Hospital, and Residential Treatment Programs for Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and PTSD. He is also the President of Anxiety Centers of Illinois, a private practice group, and a member of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Boards of the International OCD Foundation. He is a Fellow of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, and the President of OCD Midwest.

What people are saying about this workshop:

  • "Very engaging. Great examples. Great material. Loved hearing how Dr. McGrath phrases things to patients and new ideas for exposures." - JB, Psychologist
  • "This was a wonderful follow-up to the 2-day intensive ERP training." - LA, LCSW
  • "Pacing of the program was perfect. I learned more details of ERP across the anxiety spectrum. Thank you!" - ADW, LPC
  • "Great practical and theoretical material with clear presentation and good mix of interaction with participant questions. Well done!" - SG
  • "Very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the way he presented and use of humor." - GH
  • "Dr. [McGrath] is very knowledgeable about the subject and presents it in a way that is interesting and engaging." - BU, LPC
  • "The presenter was clear, discussed great examples, and very knowledgeable about the topic. The instructor was perfect!" - KM, LAPC

5 Core or Related CE Clock Hours:

  • Psychologists: This workshop is approved for 5 Core CE hours. The Knowledge Tree (TKT) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. TKT maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
    • For Georgia Psychologists, all online webinars (both live/synchronous and on-demand/asynchronous) count the same as live for 2021 (including ethics). Therefore, this workshop is approved for 5 Core CE hours. The Board states it will go back to the pre-COVID rules in 2022. You may want to consider completing all 40 CEs this year while you have multiple viewing options.
    • Licensed in another state as a Psychologist? The Knowledge Tree is a Continuing Education Sponsor Approved (CESA) by APA, so all our workshops should satisfy your CE requirements, but please check your state rules regarding on-demand ("asynchronous") webinars.
  • Counselors: This workshop was previously approved for 5 Core CE hours through the Licensed Professional Counselors Association (LPCA) of Georgia, approval #2021-02-12-329LW.
    • Georgia Counselors: This workshop satisfies 5 "Related Hours" as an "on-demand/asynchronous" course. For more details about "Related" or "On-Demand" hours, please see the blue highlighted section below.
    • Licensed in another state? Please see the yellow highlighted section below.*
  • Social Workers: This workshop was previously approved for 5 Core CE hours through the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work, approval #021421.
    • Georgia Social Workers: This workshop satisfies 5 "Related Hours" as an "on-demand/asynchronous" course. For more details about "Related" or "On-Demand" hours, please see the blue highlighted section below.
    • Licensed in another state? Please see the yellow highlighted section below.*
  • Marriage and Family Therapists: This workshop was previously approved for 5 CE hours through the Georgia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, approval #022-2021.
    • Georgia Marriage & Family Therapists: This workshop satisfies 5 "Related Hours" as an "on-demand/asynchronous" course. For more details about "Related" or "On-Demand" hours, please see the blue highlighted section below.
    • Licensed in another state? Please see the yellow highlighted section below.
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  • The Georgia Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists & Ethics: For all Masters Licensed Therapists in Georgia, On-Demand ("Asynchronous") Webinars are considered "Related" hours. Related hours are allowed to comprise up to 15 hours of the total 35 hours required per renewal period (10 hours of On-Demand are expressly permitted, and the extra 5 would be your optional Independent Study hours). Please see our Live Webinars for more synchronous options if needed. And for details regarding this new rule (Oct 2020) from the Secretary of State, click here.

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