Purpose: This package includes everything you would ethically and legally need to hire a therapist as an independent contractor and/or an administrative person as a W2 employee.

Authors: Every form on our website was written by ethics expert Dr. Becky Beaton-York, who is a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been practicing since 1991. She is well-versed in all the ethics codes for all licensed mental health therapists. Additionally, every form has been approved by multiple attorneys, including her husband, Chris York, Attorney at Law.

Therapy Paperwork Forms Included in this Package:

  1. Independent Contractor Agreement (For therapists being paid as a contractor/1099 Associate)
  2. HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (For everyone in the practice to sign)
  3. HIPAA Security Ruling Therapist Agreement (For therapists to agree that they will not keep client information in a non-HIPAA-compliant location but instead log in to a secure platform to get client information as needed)
  4. Associate Information Form - Contact information, etc.
  5. Independent Contractor - Items to provide for your records and to authenticate their ability to practice therapy
  6. I-9 (Citizenship verification) - Required for W2 Employees
  7. W-9 (Tax info for Independent Contractor) - Required for 1099 Contractors
  8. W-2 Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Employment Contract w/Non-Disclosure
  9. W-4 (Tax info for W2 Employees) - Required for W2 Employees

Modification: The Hiring Package contains several custom forms, as described above. Each form is designed in a compatible version of Microsoft Word format (.doc) so that you may edit them as you see appropriate, whether you are using a Mac or a PC. Every place in a document where you need to enter information particular to your practice (e.g., your name, location, fees, etc.) will be in a bright blue font to prompt you for this information.

Disclaimer & Copyright Agreement: By purchasing and downloading these forms, you understand and accept that the forms are intended to be used as examples or samples of ways in which the forms and information can be used. You understand and accept that you are ultimately responsible for your own version of the forms and for adapting the forms for your own use. Neither Dr. Becky Beaton, LLC nor The Knowledge Tree assumes any liability or responsibility for the use or misuse of the forms you download. All of Dr. Beaton-York's and The Knowledge Tree's forms are copyrighted. You understand and accept that unauthorized duplication or sharing of the forms you download or any information contained therein is strictly prohibited and illegal. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Updates: On occasion, Dr. Beaton-York or Chris York, Esq. may decide that a form needs to be updated or an additional form is "essential" to practice therapy ethically and/or legally (e.g., forms related to the No Surprises Act). If this is the case, those forms will be updated, and a date will be added behind the name of the form or new forms will simply be added automatically to your package). Please return occasionally to check for updates. Unless there is something extremely labor-intensive that needs to be done, updates and new forms will be taken care of for you free of charge. We hope you find this service helpful. :-)

Your Instructor

Dr. Becky Beaton-York
Dr. Becky Beaton-York

Dr. Becky Beaton-York is the author of Practice Smart Forms, and they have all been vetted by more than one attorney. She is passionate about psychological ethics and helping therapists grow their practices grounded in ethics and integrity while also creating a personally and professionally fulfilling career. Dr. Beaton-York began creating these forms when she founded The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute, a very large outpatient facility in Atlanta, Georgia, which she clinically directed for 15 years. She realized quickly that managing therapists required creating documentation that was ethically and legally sound while also being as efficient as possible to ensure compliance. Her staff grew to love these forms, as well as thousands of other clinicians who rave about them in Georgia and around the country. Several hospitals and university counseling centers have also adopted them.

Dr. Beaton-York is a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has been on the Georgia Psychological Association's (GPA) Ethics Committee since 2010 and Ethics Chair for eight of those years. Additionally, she was the Ethics Chair for the Licensed Professional Counselor's Association of Georgia (LPCA-GA) for two years and has taught numerous ethics workshops since 1999.

Related to her interest in ethics and documentation, Dr. Beaton-York has served as an ethics expert in malpractice lawsuits. Part of her role in these cases is to examine the clinician's documentation to determine if the therapist was practicing below the standard of care and/or committing any ethical violations. This experience has made Dr. Beaton-York extremely aware and diligent about designing these forms to help the therapist write them in such a way that they will hold up in court. Of course, there are no guarantees in court; however, this is a great place to start! We hope you find them to be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the forms?
You will have access to these forms indefinitely. Additionally, we make frequent updates to various forms as new laws, regulations or ethics codes change. If a form has been updated, you'll see a revision date behind the title. Once you make a purchase, be sure to check back occasionally for these updates.

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