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1 Core CE Hour for Psychologists, 1 Related CE Hour for Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists

Both the Georgia Board of Psychology (Emergency Rule OCGA § 43-39-15) and the Georgia Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists (Emergency Board Rule 135-9-0.3-.01) have approved Live-Streaming Webinars and Online Pre-recorded Webinars to be counted the same as a live training (even for Ethics) due to COVID-19 for the remainder of this renewal period. Both emergency bills have been signed by the Governor and are official!

Investment: $20

Presented by: Ren Massey, Ph.D.

Ren Massey, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who has practiced in the Atlanta area for over 25 years. Dr. Massey has published on several topic areas, including gender identity, and he presents seminars primarily on gender identity issues. He has provided training for mental and medical healthcare professionals and students, US Federal Bureau of Prisons Staff, community groups, and faculties and staffs of numerous schools as well as universities. He has been an expert witness in state and federal legal cases and has provided case consultation to many colleagues. He is often sought for repeat presentations because of his warm and engaging style of presenting practical and useful information. He bases his program content on empirical research and over a decade of education, experience, and work with approximately 1,000 clients in the transgender/gender-nonconforming community. He was featured on the podcast “The 50 Minute Hour (10/6/2018).”

Dr. Massey is on the Board of Directors of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and is on the Faculty of the WPATH Global Education Initiative. He is also on the committee revising the WPATH Standards of Care to Version 8. He is an adjunct faculty member of the Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Massey is a Fellow of the Georgia Psychological Association (GPA) and founded the group that became GPA’s Council on Gender and Sexual Diversity. Additionally, Dr. Massey was the 2017-18 GPA President, and he has served on the GPA Ethics Committee.

Workshop Description:

Dr. Ren Massey is offering a training series on working with Transgender and Gender Diverse (T/GD) adults, teens, and adolescents. This one-hour program on hormonal and surgical treatment for adults and older adolescents is an excerpt from the 6-hour Part I training on treating T/GD adults. In this highly informative hour, Dr. Massey provides foundational knowledge in hormonal and surgical treatments in an accessible manner for mental healthcare professionals and other non-medical audiences.

Competency with adult T/GD clients is a criterion of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health for professionals working with T/GD youth. An essential aspect of work with T/GD adults and youth entails grasping the range of possibilities of hormonal and surgical treatments. Dr. Massey gives an overview of the reversible and irreversible effects as well as risks and benefits in recommending such treatments. He also discusses the importance of clients’ having realistic expectations in their satisfaction with medical intervention outcomes. Some ethical issues, such as fertility ramifications, are also considered.

Please note: This workshop will include open and candid discussion of and references to human bodies, anatomical parts, and sexual functioning.

Educational Objective:

  1. Describe approaches to gender-affirming hormone treatments and gender-affirming surgical interventions

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