How do you market your practice ethically and productively with social media? Arias Joleen and Dr. Becky Beaton weigh in.

We’ll talk about how to stand out on social media, and why you need to. How to use social media to network with colleges. We’ll also talk about what impact social media can have on growing your practice.

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Arias Collins
Arias Collins

Arias has had the pleasure of growing her clients' accounts by the thousands on Instagram, building communities from scratch, & coaching her clients into developing their social media community themselves. She has seen the impact that Instagram and the right support can have on her clients' businesses. Arias was an elementary school teacher for ten years before discovering her knack for social media marketing. The beauty of her background in education is that she can describe complex concepts in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. She began her marketing career at a San Fransisco tech startup but discovered her love of working with therapists and started her own business to do just that. She is so excited to be helping therapists share their practices on social media in practical, ethical, and authentic ways! For more information about Arias, follow this link to her website:

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