Therapy with Men

Framing Therapy as a Resource, Common Themes, and Exploring Feelings as a Communication Tool

Dr. Becky Beaton Interviews Kyle Keane, LPC in this video about his therapeutic work with Men. They discuss how Kyle frames therapy for men in order to get them to buy-in to the process. Kyle discusses his "Three Step Approach" to therapy in order to really absorb what the client discusses during session, process that information between sessions, and thoughtfully think about what they want to get out of the next session. Kyle goes on to discuss the frequent concerns he sees during sessions with men as they relate to different life stages. Next, Dr. Beaton asks Kyle a lot of questions about men and feelings, and Kyle discusses how he frames feelings as a communication tool and invites men to try on different options in session where it is safe and there aren't any consequences for just exploring. Lastly, Kyle discusses a few other specific areas he sees men often grapple with: taking care of their health and becoming comfortable with taking an antidepressant for awhile if needed.

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Kyle Keane, LPC
Kyle Keane, LPC

Kyle Keane, LPC is the owner of Koru Counseling and Hypnotherapy, a private practice in Atlanta, GA specializing in men's mental health. Since entering the field in 2007, Kyle's passion has been addressing issues that impact men's wellness. He has has extensive experience working with mental illness, trauma and addiction and has worked as a therapeutic consultant both locally and internationally. He spent several years working in the addiction recovery community in both clinical and administrative roles and served five years as the Assistant Director of the largest sex-offender treatment program in Georgia where he treated men with sexual addiction/ compulsion issues. In 2016 Kyle opened his own practice where he continues to serve the Men's community of Atlanta. A great deal of his work currently focuses on helping men address the stuck areas in their lives and educating men on how to utilize mental health services more effectively. To learn more about his practice, go to

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